Bar Aquarium

a chic blend of luxury and practicality

Creating beautiful, fully functional pieces of aquatic furniture

The Bar Aquarium

A bar aquarium gives ideal opportunity to design a stunning focal point within an interior space.

Whether it’s a finishing touch to a games room, complimentary to a kitchen, or simply to create a relaxation zone in a corporate environment, a seamlessly integrated bar fish tank can provide a wonderful backdrop at which to kick back, relax and enjoy the fish.

The Aquarium Design Process

There are many design aspects to consider based on the functional requirements and space limitations of your project. We can guide you through the process and manage your aquarium project in its entirety or work alongside your Interior Designer to fabricate your dream Bar Aquarium.

Each aquarium is custom manufactured using materials to compliment your decor. We can cater for coldwater, tropical or marine setups, and will design your Bar Aquarium to suit.

Delivery and Installation

AquariumGroup will liaise with your builders, electricians and joiners, or if you prefer, our own inhouse building and joinery team can help out at any stage of your project.

We do not sub-contract installations and all works are completed by our own trained and experienced technicians.

The Bar Aquarium is supplied and fitted with:

  • external filtration
  • aeration
  • heating
  • white, blue or multi colour remote operated lighting
  • gravel or sand substrate
  • silk plant and rock aquascaping
  • autofeeders
  • optional handrail, backpiece and bar optics

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Post installation, if you require ongoing maintenance of your aquarium, our comprehensive range of Aquarium Cleaning Packages will ensure that your Bar Fish Tank will continue to provide the wow factor.

Free Consultation Service

For further information, or to arrange a FREE no obligation site visit to discuss your particular requirements, please contact our office.


Each aquarium is designed and manufactured to individual specification, price on application.

However, as a general guideline prices start from £4200 inc. VAT.

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