Aquarium Room Divider

with stunning 360° viewing

Define your living or work space without compromising on light


Aquarium Room Divider

A bespoke Aquarium Room Divider is a multifunctional piece of design perfect for breaking up larger open plan spaces.

A Partition Wall Fish Tank goes one step further by efficiently dividing space without obscuring light. The stunning 360° viewing enhances your environment providing aquatic eye candy at its best.

With many options to offer, an Aquarium Room Divider can be used to:

  • define distinct areas within a multipurpose living or work space
  • create smaller, more intimate spaces within a large room
  • maximise space by incorporating storage

The Aquarium Design Process

We can manage your aquarium project in its entirity, custom manufacturing your Aquarium Room Divider to your exact requirements.

There are many design options available, built floor to ceiling, adjoining an existing wall, or freestanding.

We can cater for all types of livestock, either coldwater, tropical or marine setups, and will design your Room Divider Fish Tank to suit.

Delivery and Installation

AquariumGroup will work alongside your builders, electricians and joiners, or if you prefer, our own inhouse building and joinery team can help out at any stage of your project.

We do not sub-contract installations and all works are completed by our own trained and experienced technicians.

The Room Divider Aquarium is supplied and fitted with:

  • external filtration
  • aeration
  • heating
  • white or blue remote operated lighting
  • gravel or sand substrate
  • silk plant and rock aquascaping
  • autofeeders

Aquarium Maintenance Service

But our services do not stop there. For those who require ongoing maintenance of their aquarium, our comprehensive range of Aquarium Cleaning Packages will ensure that your Partition Aquarium will continue to enhance your living or work space.

Free Consultation Service

For further information, or to arrange a FREE no obligation site visit to discuss your particular requirements, please contact our office.


Each Room Divider Aquarium is designed and manufactured to individual specification, price on application.

However, as a general guideline prices start from £3500 plus VAT.

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