Silver Aquarium Maintenance Service

A quarterly aquarium cleaning service

Please note that to keep your tank in tiptop condition, you will need to clean your aquarium each month between our visits too.

You can refer to our aftercare section for instructions on how to do this.

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Our Silver Quarterly Aquarium Cleaning Service is inclusive of the following:

Quarterly Visit

A maintenance visit is booked in advance and occurs around the same date every third month.

The visit begins with an inspection of livestock and water levels, with chemical treatments added as required. A routine 20% water change is performed and aquascaping renewed if required.

Supply of livestock

This service level does not include the provision of livestock. However, if you would like us to supply fish, please see our Platinum Maintenance for our fully comprehensive package.

Supply of chemicals and fishfood

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Supply of chemicals and fish food

Aquarium chemicals are replenished as required. Stocks of fish food are supplied at trade cost. Food types may be rotated to provide your fish with a varied diet. Autofeeders are checked, cleaned and restocked. Your autofeeder may not cover a two month period so you will need to carry out additional checks and top-ups. If you would like us to include the supply fish food, please see our Platinum Maintenance for our fully comprehensive package.

If your aquarium does not suit an autofeeder, we will provide full feeding instruction as it is crucial with any aquarium not to over-feed your fish. Feeding blocks can be supplied to cover holiday periods.

Decor replenished quarterly

Gravel and sand beds are turned. They may also be rinsed or replenished if necessary. Gravel in aquariums using undergravel filtration is rinsed and cleaned using water from the aquarium only and not replaced as this would be detrimental to the filtration system.

New silk plants and column tank garlands are provided on each visit if required.

Free call out (Mon-Fri)

This service level does not include free callout. If you would like this option, please see our Platinum Maintenance for our fully comprehensive package.

Free replacement of worn electrical parts

Worn or faulty electrical parts are replaced as required to ensure that the aquarium functions at maximum efficiency.

If a fault occurs in between scheduled maintenance visits, an engineer is sent on site within 24-72 hours depending on the urgency of the matter.

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