Callout Aquarium Maintenance Service

Our adhoc aquarium cleaning service

If you want to book a maintenance clean but do not want the commitment of a regular contract, then this is the option for you.

Your aquarium will require regular maintenance on a monthly basis to thrive. You can refer to our aftercare section for instructions on how to do this.

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Our Callout Aquarium Cleaning Service is inclusive of the following:

Service Visit

You can book a weekday maintenance visit at any time, but please allow up to 2 weeks for an available slot.

Although our technicians can work wonders on your aquarium, if you fishtank has become a lean, mean, algae encrusted green machine we will not be able to perform miracles (but we may try).

Aquarium Cleaning

AquariumGroup engineer aquarium maintenance check

The visit begins with an inspection of livestock and water levels. The aquarium glass or acrylic is cleaned to remove algae. The top edges and cover plates are scraped to remove calcium and food residue.


Gravel and sand beds are turned and gently vacuumed as required. They may also be rinsed or replenished if necessary.

Gravel in aquariums using undergravel filtration is rinsed and cleaned using water from the aquarium only and not replaced as this would be detrimental to the filtration system.

New rock and silk plants or garlands are provided.

Water Change

Depending on the condition of the aquarium we may carry out up to a 50% water change. A larger water change is not advisable if your aquarium contains fish. If this is the case, we may advise for regular smaller changes to be carried out on a frequent basis after our visit, until the water quality has improved.

If your water quality is poor, we will look to find the cause and advise of any adjustments you need to make to your regular cleaning and feeding programme.

Supply of livestock

This service level does not include the provision of livestock. We do not advise that more livestock is added until at least 7 days after your aquarium has been cleaned. This is to allow the water conditions to adjust back to a natural, healthy balance.

Replacement of worn electrical parts

For an additional charge, worn or faulty electrical parts can be replaced. Please advise at the time of making your booking if you are aware of a fault.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help give your aquarium an overhaul to running smoothly, please give us a call.

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